Professional handling of DDU/DDP shipments


HUIN specializes in handling DDU/DDP shipments. Our wealth ofexperience and long professional partnerships make it possible to expertly manage door-to-doordelivery of all types of commercial cargo. Leveraging on our extensive global network, we dealin air freight and sea freight (import and export) all around the world!

We offer door-to-door delivery services that are designed tosimplify your logistics management. These services reduce costs and minimise the risk of productdamage, delay or loss of goods. They also mean that potentially complicated elements oftransportation such as customs brokerage are dealt with easily.

DDU/DDP Services


Whether it is general goods, or difficult DG goods, with ease!


HUIN Logistics Strengths:

Furthermore, our services are backed by the expertise of our regional teams, who apply their cultural and specific insights into their domestic conditions to reduce risks of operational and administrative inconveniences..

Understanding the diverse import, export regulations
Submitting accurate data via electronic interface with Customs
Striving for Customs release soonest